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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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fright ting video of helicopter crash near pearl harbor. a family of four rescued. what you see here is dramatic. what was happening under the water even more harrowing. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> right now at 5:00 big fire leaves a big mess and questions in delaware. skyfox shows the scene soon after crews got things under control. you are looking at the the 300 block of west bay boulevard in new castle. >> one firefighter was rushed to the hospital from the scene and officials say something nearby made their job even more difficult. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. investigators have spent a lot of time on the scene today. let's get right to fox 29's karen hepp live in new castle, delaware, tonight. hi, karen. >> reporter: hi, guys. call came in first right here to the goodwill fire company about 8:00 o'clock this morning. they raced out there to the scene.
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but by the time they got out there the building was already fully engulfed. 16 different companies raced out to the riverview industrial park in the city of new castle. the fire was out of control. one garage was completely engulfed. another in jeopardy. first responders snapped these photos of the flames as quickly climbed to two alarms. you can see the smoke for miles. skyfox over the scene as crews brought it under control. here's what made the fire so hard to fight. this broken fire hydrant. no one had called in to say it wasn't working. after it had been struck apparently and damaged earlier this year. so firefighters had to find water elsewhere and that delay gave the fire a nasty head start. the building housed cyril low brother as company that repairs vehicles and lifts. clearly, taking a look at these charred remains of what were once cars and boats they're a complete loss and all that's left of the one building all the way down to the smoking beams. the fire was so hot it melted the siding off this garage
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nearby. right now, the concern is environmental. see this oily goop and telltale rainbow sheen. hazmat teams in bright yellow suits lay boom and shovels up the knock try to stop it from reaching the nearby wetlands or delaware river inform all the commotion, a 65-year-old firefighter from hal away terrace suffered a medical emergency just as he arrived at the scene and he was taken to the hospital. i just spoke with the chief over there at hold away terrace. the good news that firefighter is feeling much better. he is recovering just being kept in for observe overnight. i also spoke with the fire marshal out here and they are still investigating the exact cause. chris, back to you. >> karen, thanks. that firefighter is doing well tonight. a disturbing discovery in delaware county tonight. a decomposing dog was found inside a suitcase along west second street in chester. according to the delco spca, there were signs the dog was alive when it was stuff in the
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luggage and the group says it's likely the dog had been dead for weeks if not months. officers are now looking for who may be responsible. developing news tonight out of center city philadelphia. police are on the hunt for two men shown on surveillance video stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. that burglary happening in the early morning hours last saturday on jewelers row. >> now the store owner has serious security concerns along the i connick stretch of jewelry stores. fox 29's bruce gordon is live along jeweler's row tonight. bruce, this is not the first time this store has been hit. >> reporter: no, it is not. bar ski diamonds has been a fixture on jewelers row for well over a century they've been located at this mid block address since 1946. the owner says he has no intention of leaving his home but make no mistake he's fed up. >> long-time july will he jeffrey bar ski scene the surveillance video of thieves burglarizing his sansom street store and sickens him. >> it's an invasion of -- just
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takes your soul and shakes it up and, you know, it's a terrible thing to be rob. >> reporter: nearly week after the heist, bar ski is also ang angry. this is the result of not giving the police what they need to bring back 24 hour protection. >> reporter: these thieves calm walk down sansom 3:30 saturday morning with no one else in sight. they hot wired the outer security gate, repaired after november 2014 burglary here. then made their way through the front door and methodically stole diamond rings and earrings worth some $400,000. a tripped security alarm sent police racing to the scene but too late. bar ski says a decade or more ago, police staffed this stretch full time even in the late night at wee hours of the morning. now he says late nights are a crap shoot. >> the word is out. it's easy picking time. there's no police down here. >> reporter: how does that make you feel as a business owner? >> it upsets me because we love
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our city. and they keep raising taxes. they keep cutting services. >> reporter: philadelphia police spokesman they understand the unique nature of jewelers role and it's attraction to thieves. but they say a tight budget forces them to prioritize protecting people over property. >> the overnight hours you can't watch every single business and to know what store may be targ targeted but we do have patrol taking place throughout the course of the entire city overnight. >> reporter: barsye he and his fellow jewelers have considered private security in the overnight hours but it's expensive. >> besides he says -- >> if you pay taxes you want to get your dollar's worth. we are not. >> reporter: he hopes his plea for more police protect reaches the ears of mayor kenney in this upcoming budget season. we reached out to the mayor's office. no comment. dawn? >> all right, bruce, thank you. a cold day turns into a cold night. here's a live look at sea isle
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city. you'll need to bundle up tonig tonight. hang in there much it's about warm up in big way. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams for the details. scott. >> that's right, dawn. it has been chilly out there. highs today only in the upper 30s for philadelphia. but we will see a shift in the winds. it's going turn breezy out of the south so temperatures for the upcoming weekend will go above average into the 50s. a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport. you can see the activity on going. no weather delays. the high temperature 39. the normal this time of year is 45. but look at that record upper 60s back in 1948. outside of our studios we have some clouds outside but we're dry, 37 degrees. winds out of the south and that's go be key looks at the feels like temperature still chilly in the upper 20s. we have 36 degrees in allentown. 36 as well in millville. so it is going to be cold but dry if you're stepping outdoors this evening. in fact we'll go hour by hour, by 7:00 o'clock, 37 degrees. scattered clouds. 36 by 9:00.
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11:00 o'clock temperatures right around 35 degrees. so still kind of chilly across sections of the mid atlantic and northeast. but look at the milder air. memphis 69. 65 degrees in atlanta. we have near 80 in dallas along with houston so that same air mass some of that warm air is headed right into our neck of the woods. as far as that saturday snapshot look at the temperatures tomorrow morning. it's chilly but then look at 3:00 o'clock, 59 degrees. it's going to be a nice saturday we'll talk about that entire weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right. scott, thanks. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man on the streets of north philadelphia. it hammed on the 1900 block of marjorie street just before 7:00 this morning. officers finding a man in his early 20s lying on the side of the road with gunshot wounds to the head. he was pronounced dead on the scene. his identity has not yet been released. and in kensington, police are trying to find two men an woman who forced their way into
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a home on cambria street. victim tells police a woman he didn't know knocked on the door and asked for his phone. the man let her inside and that's when the two other men forced their way inside of a home. the men were armed with a gun and a bat. the victim was hit in the head. some video games and consoles and some cash were stolen out of the home before that group got away. happening now, the body of antonin scalia lying in repose to the supreme court. 79-year-old supreme court justice died last weekend while on hunting trip in west texas but his unexpected passing has stoke the flames of a political fight as the nation mourns. fox's matt fin in is in washington tonight. >> reporter: president obama joining thousands of mourners paying their final respects to aantonin scalia his unexpected death a weeing a leaving a vacancy on the court even his political opponents say would be hard to fill. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and think kearse to serve on the supreme court.
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>> reporter: app pointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan scalia became known for his brilliant legal mind and sharp tongue. he was a strong opponent of abortion and affirmative action who asked pointed hypothetical questions from the bench and was a strong advocate of federal i and separation of powers. >> i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia pins a century from now. >> reporter: his own son who's catholic priest said a brief prayer in honor of this dad as the eight remaining justices looked on it's unclear how long the current court will go without an even number of members but because decisions are often made in secret months before they're announced it's possible that some future decisions could include opinions voted on or written by justice scalia. >> we must replace scalia with another rock solid conservative. i cannot imagine that happening under this president. >> the white house has been tight lip twos when president obama will nominate a replacement. meanwhile republicans vow to block any nominee from getting to the senate floor for a vote
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until after the general election in november. in washington, matt finn, fox news. philadelphia's love park falling victim to vandals ahead of its major renovation. the fox 29 cameras showing the graffiti along the park walls. one of the markings reads, rip love park. mayor jim kenne jim kenney annoa ban on skateboarders will be lived until the park closed this week. the park and jfk welcome center are getting a facelift that should be completed by spring of 2017. did you see this video. helicopter crash at pearl harbor caught on video. the family of four rescued. what you see here is dramatic, but what's happening under the water even more frightening. >> transgender rights an issue facing local schools more and more these days. >> everybody needs to use bathroom and transgender people are simply trying to use the bathroom where they feel safer. >> we want to make sure we
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protect every student. >> the local student caught in the middle of this growing discussion. are you carrying something that's been used in a crime? well, if you've got a hundred dollar bill in your wallet there's pan al very good chance it's got a criminal connection. the drastic measure being look at to fight crime. and a milky way revelation raising even bigger questions. why scientists just -- what scientists just found on pluto that could suggest we're not alone in the universe. >> coming up all new at 6:00, we've warned you about the skimming devices at gas pump that is could possibly steal your financial information. they may think you know what they look for but now thieves have a new strategy you won't see coming.
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>> a private tour company helicopter crashes off the hawaiian coast near pearl harb harbor. this dramatic video from yesterday morning. authorities say a family of four and a pilot were on board. all of them were rescued but a 15-year-old boy was trapped underwater and he is in critical condition tonight. so no names released. tours to the pearl harbor memorial have been canceled until further notice. back here at home, everyone
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is okay following a fire that broke out right near a restaurant. fresco news shared this image with us chester county fire dispatch tells us the fire began in a camper and spread to the cracker barrel on east lancaster avenue in downingtown. the fire broke after 11:00 last night. no word on the cause of that fire. a looming deadline gearing up for political double header the presidential candidates are making their final pitch to voters in two states the democrats in nevada and the republicans in south carolina. foxes caroline shively has the latest from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: in nevada, the democratic race appears tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> how are you. >> reporter: this as new polling suggests sanders has cut clinton's national lead in half. p. >> we've got to push open the doors not just by talking about diversity, but by incentivizing it making it clear as president i'm going look at diversity in federal contract. >> clinton is trying to embrace the president as closely as she
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possibly can. we know what's that's about. that's trying to win support from the african-american community. >> reporter: in south carolina it appears donald trump is far out front. >> i will do more for the african-american people than barack obama has ever done. >> reporter: the entire gop field keeping up the fight tod today. >> well, i instead of looking at internet am looking at ascending in the polls and continuing to make progress. >> just this week, donald trump said in a tv program he would be neutral between israel and palestinians. as president i will be unapologetic klee alongside the nation of israel. >> i don't know if you knew why you were here but i'm running for president and you know what, i could win. >> i believe this election is truly a referendum on our identity. the question you will begin to answer tomorrow here in south carolina is, what kind of country will america be in the 21st century? this is not a rubio town hall.
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we actually answer questions here. >> reporter: if history is any guide south carolina has a near perfect record of picking the eventual gop nominee. in columbia, south carolina, caroline shively, fox news. philadelphia government and community leaders are showing their support to those affected by the water crisis in flint, michigan. the pennsylvania legislative black caucus taking part in a nationwide day of action. it's a call to consider safe clean drinking waters basic right in the united states. leaders supports legislation to fix the lead problems in the flint water supply. >> the issues that had been experienced by the residents of flint, michigan could very well become an issue squarely facing the city of philadelphia. >> that's representative brown calling for state hearings on water quality throughout pennsylvania. another day of workouts for the phillies in florida today. phils with lots of new faces over 60 players in camp and most of them without a lot of experience. is that a problem? howard eskin
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live right now in clearwater, florida with the answer. howard? >> reporter: well, i don't know about -- that don't have experience. you are correct, dawn. and i don't know how good they are and nobody else does either here in spring training, but i hate to break the news to you as you're sitting there in the 30s. if you see the scoreboard periodically you'll see it's 76 pops up for the testimony cher here in clearwater, florida it's after 5:00 o'clock. so it was a tough day in the sun trust me. yup there's lot of players here. only two of the main veterans are not here yet that would be ryan howard and that would be miguel franco the third baseman. they're not due until monday so it's okay but almost everyone else is here. one of the new players here is outfielder peter bore jess who is likely to start in centerfield. he's played with the angels and last year with st. louis. teams that had leaders in the clubhouse. and bourjos does believe leadership can really make a difference.
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>> i think it play as big difference. you have to have guy the team can look up to, a guy that will handle the media and take, you know, it's on me. you know what i mean? i know it's kind of funny for somebody to say that. it means a lot. especially for a younger guy who hasn't gone for it and for veteran guy to show him the way and how to handle himself. in the clubhouse and go through a full season. it can be tough sometimes. >> phillies coach larry bowa only school guy is on the same page as bourjos. >> this generation of players, a loft them, not all of them, they want to go in the training room and wait out the reporters so they they don't have to answer questions. you got to be held accountable, whether it's good, bad, inn different. instead of guys start doing they'll eighty two have problems it's not fair for a young kid coming up he's got enough stuff on his platter to be the spokesperson. you need some guy that's been there when you lose four games, five games, six games in row saying it will be okay. we're going through a bad period of time here much it's not up for young kid.
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>> reporter: you know what's amazing when you think about it, you need a veteran like that and there are maybe a couple of guys left that really do have to step up and if they're really team guys and carlos reweighs is, i'm not going tonight. other guy that will have to step up you've got to do that fort young players. we'll have more at 6:00 and we'll take a look at some of the other things that are happening here in camp and it is different with a lot of new players here. back to you, dawn. >> all right. we'll see you at 6:00. thanks how war. locals continue to celebrate the chinese new year. >> the philadelphia senior center put on the big show for their annual spring festival. musicians and on the performers came out to the golden age adult day center in chinatown. it is the year of the monkey. the animal symbolizes intelligence, good luck and prosperity. affluenza teen ethan couch back in court today for a hearing connected to the probation he received for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. the reality check he just got from a judge.
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and there's a good chance you didn't get much sleep last night. i know i didn't. which americans are getting the most shut eye and who is not getting nearly enough. >> and a dog owner hears barking and splashing in the wides a full scale rescue operation is underway for houdini the golden retriever how this all ended and the reminder authorities want you to hear. ♪ your daughter wants to stay organic.
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legendary author harper lee who wrote to kill a mocking bird has died. authorities in her hometown of monroeville alabama confirmed the news today. lee was pulitzer prize winner. to kill a mocking bird became a touch tone for discussion of race in the us it has been taught in schools for decades. lee suffered a stroke in 2007 hadn't been living in her hometown ever since. lee was 89 years old. thing got even more serious for the so-called affluenza teenager texas judge ruling today ethan couch's case will move to adult court meaning the team could face jail time for the 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four people.
5:25 pm
couch's lawyers originally infamously used the defense that couch's privileged up bringing kept him from understanding personal responsibility. back then couch got off with probation. but last december authorities say couch and his mom ran off to mexico violating that probation. so now couch could face 120 days in prison and still have to finish his 10-year probation after that. months after being sentenced to 15 years in prison on child pornography charges, former subway pitch man jared fogle facing a deed legal deed line. attorneys must file court documents by the close of the business day today. fogle legal team has called the punish many excessive. the sentence handed down by a federal judge last year was longer than the maximum term prosecutors agreed to pursue as part of his plea deal. fogle pleaded guilty to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography he also admitted paying for sex with underaged girls. federal investigators are now involved in a construction
5:26 pm
accident investigation in north jersey. osha is now looking into how two workers were killed yesterday after a generate fell from a crane in came crashing down to the ground in hanover. workers were part of a construction crew building a new fire station. >> one of the straps on the crane broke and i'm not sure if it was wind or it was a faulty strap. strap straps look pretty new. you know, it's a big unit. real big unit. >> that generator weighed nearly 5 tons according to workers on the scene. the incident under investigati investigation. if your teenager has gone to the emergency room that's troubling enough. something they might reveal while there there could cause even more concern for parents. we'll tell was it is. and are you carrying an item that's been used in a crime? well if you've got a hundred dollar bill in your wallet there's apparently a good chance it's got a connection to a cri crime. the drastic moves to make the benjamins go bye-bye.
5:27 pm
scott? >> chris, right now chilly on this friday. temperatures still in the 30s around philadelphia. but a weekend warmup is headed in our direction. but there's a chance of rain maybe even snow as early as sunday night. the details next. ♪
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morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. ♪ welcome back. live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. another morning of biting cold but things are warming up just in time for the weekend.
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might not ab bad weekend to hit the slopes. chief meteorologist scott williams has a forecast you'll definitely want to see coming up in your fox 29 winter weather authority. philadelphia police investigating the death of a man whose body was found in pennypack park. authorities say a man riding his bicycle near the area of state road this afternoon made the grim discovery and called police. investigators say the man is 64 years old but they have not released his identity yet or the details on how he may have died. a massive fire in new cast castle, delaware kept fire crews busy this morning. the smoke could be seen for miles. the flames ripped through the cyril low brothers business an auto repair building on west bay boulevard. broken fire hydrant also complicated thing. hazmat teams are now working to prevent oil from reaching the wetlands and the delaware river. are you carrying an object that was used in a crime? well, if you have a hundred dollar bill in your wallet, harvard researchers say there's good chance the answer is yes. >> yeah, their study linked
5:31 pm
america's largest bill to criminal organizations. fox's dan bowens explains a former u.s. treasury secretary actually wants the 100 bill eliminated. >> i've got five, 20s. i want to change with you for a hundred dollar bill. >> i don't have a hundred dollar bill. >> do you have a hundred dollar bill you can trade me for five 20s. >> i don't have a hundred dollar bill. >> i've got 520 trying to exchange -- are you surprised not a lot of people have a hundred dollars. >> no. >> every time via hundred dollar bill i'm nervous and can't wait to get rid of it. >> because i don't have that kind of money. because i wouldn't want to get pick pocked i guess. >> reporter: it is not surprising not many people we stopped at this random midtown street corner had benjamins in their pocket. >> might lose it. >> do you ever carry a hundred dollars. >> no, in case i lose it. too precious. >> precious, yes. the nation's largest currency is a symbol of wealth, power and success could the $100 bill be on the way out?
5:32 pm
>> it seems like unusual idea i guess. >> reporter: starting new harvard study former treasury secretary lawrence summers says it's time to eliminate the big bills linking the more and more often to criminals. >> call the bin laden bill because it's preferred financial tool for all these unsavory activities around the world. something like maybe $362 billion between 2003 and 2009. it's a huge amount of money that uses cash. and chiefly the 100-dollar bill. >> reporter: our unscientific survey yielded mixed reviews. >> it will be more inconvenient if they get rid of it. >> something like if high a bunch of a hundred dollar bills that could be fun. i would enjoy that. >> reporter: you're rolling. >> you got the benjamin. >> exact physical would you miss if they got rid of it. >> i won. hair hard to break, too. you go buy something and a hundred dollars, no. so, yeah. >> reporter: he'll keep my hundred dollars. >> dan bowens, fox news.
5:33 pm
back to your fox 29 weather authority now. scott williams you're probably rolling with a stack of benjamins on you. >> i'll have to borrow from you. >> i forgot my lunch money. >> but as far as the weather i moan it was chilly today. >> very chilly. >> but by the up coming weekend it will feel more like early april out there you guys because take a look what's happening on the satellite/radar. we're watching those winds. they'll be coming out of the south and west. that is going to allow those temperatures to climb into the upper 50s. we'll hit 60 degrees likely in philadelphia for tomorrow. but in the meantime, take a look at those numbers. it's still chilly. we have 38 in trenton. 35 degrees right now in pottstown. 36 degrees currently in millville. so for tonight it's partly cloudy. it stays chilly. but temperatures really don't drop very rapidly because of the winds out of the south we're looking at mid 30s in the city. low 30s in the suburbs. take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. mostly sunny. mild and breezy southwest winds
5:34 pm
10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures right around 60 degrees in philadelphia. headed to the pocono mountains take a look at your day planner for saturday 8:00 a.m. we're looking at a chilly start, 34 degrees. by noon 43. 45 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. winds a little breezy out of the south and west. now, what about sunday? we're still looking at temperatures that will be mild to start though little cool, 39 degrees. 49 by brunch and then early dinner, 54 degrees but then look at this. overnight sunday into monday a little disturbance will be moving through to bring some rain, maybe a little bit of wet snow far north and west. so quiet conditions sunshine, for your saturday. not looking bad at all and once again sunday dry for most of the day. watch this little disturbance that will be headed in our direction. here's midnight overnight sunday into early monday. we're looking at a little bit of rain and some wet snow. but it will rapidly move out of here. so let's take a closer look at
5:35 pm
that overnight system sunday. sunday we're dry, we're quiet during the day. the clouds start to increase. and then take a look at the clock here. 10:00 p.m. we're looking at some rain, north and west, temperatures still above freezing. but some wet snow will be mixing in after midnight. maybe as far south as the i-95 corridor but once again with those temperatures relatively warm not looking at a whole lot of problems much it's out of here by early on monday morning. and then, our attention will focus towards the coast tuesday into wednesday for that coastal system. it will likely bring a mixture of some rain, maybe a little bit of wet snow far north and west. the track, the intensity and those march jim temperatures still a little uncertain. so we'll continue to monitor that. some of the trends a little farther to the east. the speed along with the strength and also how much cold air will stay in place. as we look at that weather authority seven day forecast, tomorrow morning a chilly start. we're looking at 35 degrees.
5:36 pm
but then the winds out of the south warming those temperatures to 60 degrees. well above the average for this time of year which is 45. sunday still looking good. a mixture of sun and clouds. 56 degrees. then late sunday overnight into early monday, watching that little disturbance for a rain shower, a snow shower it's out of here. 49 degrees for the high temperature monday. and then tuesday into wednesday, watching the coast. but look at those temperatures. we're really above freezing. so the cold air, it might be in place far north and west for little bit of snow but we'll continue to watch that throughout the weekend we'll have another update at 6:00. >> wow those weekend temperatures sun good. >> much better than last weakened. >> we deserve it. >> thanks, scott. >> a good chance you didn't get much sleep last night. which americans are getting the most shut eye and who is not getting nearly enough? milky way revelation that's bringing up new questions. what scientists just found on pluto that could suggest we are not alone in the universe.
5:37 pm
and coming all knew tonight at 6:00 a guy makes two bad decisions at a train station and nearly gets killed. authorities have something to say about this one that you might find surprising.
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>> nasa scientists just learned new details about planet pluto. according to the space agency photographs taken by nasa's new horizon spacecraft last july suggests pluto's moon once had an ocean beneath its surface. that ocean may have hosted life. scientists say the ocean would have long since frozen and expanded causing the moon's surface to stretch and fracture. on a massive scale. >> turning to your health now, a warning for parents of teenage teenagers. nearly half of teenagers scene in hospital emergency departme departments report peer violence and cyber bullying regardless of why they're in the hospital. researchers examining more than 300 adolescent patients one out of five reporting post traumatic stress disorder symptoms and more than 10% reporting suicidal
5:41 pm
thoughts in the past year. doctors stress all of this is treatable. of course the key is to find out what's going on with your child as early as possible. these fining appear in the journal general hospital psychiatry. >> one out of of three american adults does not get enough sleep on a regular basis and you may very well be one of them. the centers for disease control and prevention study is the first to document estimated sleep duration for all 50 states and the district of columbia. well overall they found about 35% of u.s. adults are sleeping less than seven hours a night. which increase as risk for wide variety of health problems. married people and those with higher education were most likely to report getting a good night's sleep and people in the southeastern united states and appalachian mountains got the least amount. as we all know too well, transgender rights this is a growing issue facing lots of local schools. everybody needs to use the
5:42 pm
bathroom. and trans jent people are simply trying to use the bathroom where they feel safer. >> we want to make sure we protect every student. >> the local children caught in the middle of this discussion. very special baby makes zoo debut. adorable but he's also carrying an extremely hopeful message. we'll explain coming up.
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♪ in college basketball villanova of course ranged number one in the country and peeking at just the right time. >> they sure are. tomorrow nova faces butler a team very capable of taking the wildcats off that top spot. sean bell joining us with a preview of this game. sean, everyone wants to knock off the number one team. temple tried to do it. they failed miserably this week.
5:46 pm
>> that's right. heavy is the head that wears the crown and right now nova is the king of college hoops much being the number one team means that a target is on your back every single night. nova has just five more regular season games. all teams they should beat but this year every team can beat you. being number one ranked team in the land doesn't mean as much as it did last year. there's no dominant squad. no team with three or 4nba players so the field is wide open and the wildcats might not even be as good as they were last year. >> i actually feel like last year our team last year at this point was better than this team is right now. but last year at this time kentucky and duke and kansas and wisconsin they were a lot better so the ranking really have lot to do with a lot of variable. how good everybody else is. however, i think this team this year even though we're number one right now we can get a lot
5:47 pm
better. we can continue to improve and that's the goal of any team. >> that was jay wright on good day this morning. next up for nova is butler bulldogs tomorrow at 2:30 right here on fox 29. butler is eight and eight tournament team they're very capable of beating the wildcats. nova is a lock for number one seed in the ncaa tournament but that's what they were last year and couldn't get past the second round. so there's no guarantees. nova still with plenty to prove. chris? >> that time of year, thanks sean. middle school and high school they're hard enough for so many it's a constant battle for acceptance and understanding from peers, friends and teache teachers. it could be even tougher for growing number of transgender teens. >> south jersey school district is about to move forward with ground-breaking changes to help its transgender students. but as fox 29's bill anderson explains, doing what might seem to be the right thing is not easy on anyone.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: discussions surround the lgbt community and particularly transgender experiences are at an all-time high. >> trans people deserve something vital. >> reporter: whether it's the high profile transition of caitlyn jenner -- >> they deserve your respect. >> reporter: or the views of well-known politicians how to define fair treatment of transgender people is a major topic of discussion. locally in cherry hill -- >> may i have a motion... pending school board policy is the latest attempts to address how trans jent people should be treated in public facilities. >> basically what the policy states the transgender students that is students who identify with a gender other than the one that they've been assigned at birth have the right to choose what restroom they use. so they identify, f i was a transgender student i was born male, i identify as female, ooh have the right to use the female locker, the female bathroom. >> reporter: the process of
5:49 pm
transgender students changing how they're identified in schools requires parental involvement, is in line with new jersey's anti discrimination laws and similar to policies in other states. >> there's a need because of the discussion and the reality of the world in which we live. >> reporter: superintendent explained why a policy like this was necessary now. >> there are children identify as transgender and we want to make sure we protect every student went protect all of the children that come to us here in the district. >> reporter: although the superintendent emphasized that the policy is to protect all children against discrimination and said there's very little opposition to the policy here in cherry hill, there is some general opposition. >> the policy unfortunately we really ought not even be did you go. >> reporter: pennsylvania pastor network says simply this policy is wrong. >> we as a nation are suffering across the board as we have set aside moral absolutes of any type under political correctness and say well anything goes. >> reporter: they also believe that society is making this a
5:50 pm
much more complicated issue than it should be. >> god made male and female. that's where it starts and we get into trouble when we move away from that recognition for whatever reason, for whatever reason and choose to say that male is not male and female is not female under the circumstances, under certain times, under certain days. >> reporter: even with minimal parental opposition in cherry hill, parents from surrounding area were far from united in support of the policy and some had pretty serious concerns. >> i have a six-year-old. i don't want her in the bathroom with someone who has anatomy that's different. i now you're trans jent phobic. that's what people are going to call me. i don't want my daughter in the bathroom with someone who's not a female. >> reporter: debating theory is one thing but a local trans woman currently in college shared her first hand experience with me. robin says that people who oppose these policies they just don't understand the challenges that the transgender community
5:51 pm
is going through. >> if i were compelled to use a men's room now and people saw what i looked like, it would be -- i'd be extremely out of place. and effectively i'd be outed as transgender anywhere that i went. and for trans people who are, you know, even further along or, you know, could even more of feminine presentation than die that could lead to risks of violence. >> reporter: robin is clearly aware of the concerns of the opposition, but told me that people who think her and other transgender individuals have negative intentions are not only missing the mark but they're ignoring evidence. >> everybody needs to use the bathroom. and transgender people are simply trying to use the bathroom they feel safer. they're not putting anyone at risk and there's no evidence that they're doing that. so these bills are necessary. >> reporter: policy here in cherry hill is awaitin a awaitil approval and other districts in the area are considering similar policies.
5:52 pm
meanwhile, self states across the country are actually considering policies that do the exact opposite. they ban transgender people from using any bathroom other than the sex that they were born. so this discussion is far from over. here in cherry hill, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. a dog owner hears barking and splashing in the woods. soon a full scale rescue operation is underway for houdini the golden retriever. how all of this ended and the reminder authorities want to you hear. and coming up, all new at 6:00, we've warned you about skimming devices at gas pump that is could possibly steal your financial information. you may think you know what to look out for but now thieves have a new strategy that you won't see coming. and thieves stealing from local jewelry store making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry. why the store owner says he and his fellow merchants are an easy mark for these guys.
5:53 pm
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are you busy? i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy? yeah. with your sisters, to shop and see the sights. is it that obvious? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, it's the price is right. with top prizes of $300,000. is that painting crooked, or is it just me?
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[announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. here's something you don't see very often. toronto zoo just released video showing its new male indian rhino calf. indian rhino known as the greater one horned rhino was once close to extinction with only sick hundred reported in the wild in the 1970's. but thanks to conservation efforts the rhinos have made a big come back. pretty cool. um-hmm. >> role reversal in illinois where man became dog's best friend. you're watching firefighters rescuing a golden retriever who
5:57 pm
slipped through a frozen pond. tonight the pooch thankfully is doing just fine. >> but one detail of that fateful night has been just slightly different we could be telling you very different story tonight. here's fox's larry yell land. >> that's fine as long as you're up on shore. >> reporter: firefighters maneuvering a rescue sled on to partially frozen pond tuesday night they were trying to save a golden retriever named houdini that had fallen into the icy waters behind its owner's home. >> saw houdini floating trying to get out on his own but he couldn't. he couldn't do it. >> houdini owner andrew had gotten home from work and put him on the back porch while he changed clothes. when he came back, in the darkness, he heard the dog splashing and shrieking from the middle of the pond. air rater there often keeps the pond from freezing over. then for several minutes there was silence. he was sure his five-year-old hundred pound retriever was go
5:58 pm
gone. but then houdini's head popped up out of the water just like the escape artist the dog is named after. now what? >> andrew off on the side for few seconds was thinking should i go out there on the ice and try to retrieve him myself? and he did the exact thing what he was supposed to do. he caulder 911. >> one firefighter went into the water. the other one grabbed houdini's front paws. the other firefighter lifted from the rear. and we pulled houdini out. >> reporter: the dog had been in the water for about 45 minutes. the firefighters wrapped houdini in a blanket and his own are in kept a close eye on him overnight. today he was back to his normal self mugging for the camera and shaking hands with firefighters who helped rescue him. >> it's unbelievable how the help that was called for made it in the exact right time. >> good to see houdini doing well. firefighters say his escape is a
5:59 pm
timely reminder with warm weather on the way everybody and their pets should stay off the ice. ♪ tonight at 6:00 firefighters battling devastating fire. you can see the aftermath but something made a tough job even more difficult. and a guy makes two bad decisions at a train station and nearly gets killed. authorities had something to say about this one that you may find surprising. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. burglars break into a shop on philadelphia's jeweler's row and help themselves. you can see it happening here on the surveillance video. >> police say the men stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry tonight they are still on the run. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. the store's owner understandably concerned tonight but he says this crime points to a much larger problem. fox 29's bruce gordon live along
6:00 pm
jeweler's row tonight. bruce, this is knots the first time this store has been hit. >> reporter: no, it isn't. jewelers row is not just any other commercial strip. these stores are chock full of high end merchandise which makes them a magnet for thieves. well, one long-time jeweler on this stretch now burglarized for the second time in the past 15 months has had enough. and he's speaking out. it's been nearly a week since the jewelry store that bears his name was burglarized. and owner jeffrey barsky still feels violated and angry. >> the word is out. it's easy picking time. there's no police down here. >> reporter: how does that make you feel as a business owner it. >> upsets me because we love our city. >> reporter: barsky is not sure his city loves him back these crooks calmly walked down the 700 block of sansom street 3:30 saturday morning with no one else insight. they hot wired the medal security gate. then made their way inside.


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